Earth Day

On Earth Day we took to the streets of the East Village to pick up trash and plant seed bombs! We gathered at the shop & made some girl scout style activism sashes, and mushroom hats, and the (heart shaped) seed bombs— made of soil, clay and native wildflower seeds! Picking up litter is fun if you’re with your friends, dressed as psychedelic mushroom girl scouts! It was fun to plant the seeds where the rubbish had been. Native plants are very important to support local butterflies and ecosystems. We made our way over to the Union Square Farmer’s Market, and perused the local organic produce as well as dropping off our compost. The farmer’s Market is a great place to take your compost. You can keep it in a bag in your freezer so it doesn’t stink up your kitchen. Going to the farmer’s market with your friends turns grocery shopping into a really fun activity (especially if you’re dressed as psychedelic mushroom girl scouts) !  Love, Tennessee

Here we are outside The Deep End Club headquarters before the big cleanup, armed with brooms, garbage bags and determination!



We randomly got interviewed by a Japanese television station about our cleanup!




Garbage Glamour Shots with Carlen



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