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It’s easy to feel overwhelmed & pessimistic about the state of the world when you’re alone at home, feeling powerless. But have no fear, The Deep End Club is here! We are a community of like-minded artists and activists who care about our planet and want to make it better by collaborating on fun, action-based projects together.

We have an East Village shop, where you can find creations made by local, independent designers & artists- from music to clothing, art and books! In addition to being a shop, our headquarters also functions as a clubhouse for rebels and revolutionaries- we host teach-ins, concerts and workshops on a variety of issues from social justice to climate change!

The Deep End Club
156 1st Ave. NY, NY 10009

Our online HQ ( unites people all over the world to participate in action-based activities aimed at cleaning up our planet and making it a more sustainable place for all it’s inhabitants (human, animal, plant and otherwise!) Our website publishes videos, articles and interviews with people and organizations who are doing great things and inspire us!

Our online headquarters and @thedeependclub on Instagram & twitter


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